About Us

The Origin of No Waste Tape

No Waste Tape founder Cletus Scribner was a wildland firefighter with the Payson HotShot Crew, defending our nation against the devastating impact of forest fires.  First Responders depend on brightly colored marking tape to mark off escape routes, snags (dead, standing trees without leaves or needles in the crowns) and other important hazards but struggle regularly with their flagging unraveling before they need it.  To ensure that his flagging was always ready, Cletus started melting lines into the side of his rolls using a hot nail and soon realized his rolls were lasting 50% more or longer. 

(Above: Great Bear Wilderness, 2003)

Team No Waste Tape

Cletus in his element

Cletus Scribner, President and Chief Executive Officer

Cletus eventually went on to Surveying school, and realized that unwanted unraveling was a problem for users of flagging and marking tape everywhere.  Including Mining, Construction, First Responders, Agriculture and Development. No Waste Tape was born when we obtained a Utility patent on our melt line innovation in the early 2010s.

Elliot with City in the Background

Elliot Marcille, Chief Operations Officer

Elliot's mission is to add patented melt lines to every roll of flagging and caution tape ever sold.  Elliot started his career in management with Sherwin Williams and has executive experience working for Oracle and NetSuite and eCommerce startups . Elliot earned an MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management.

Julie No Waste Tape site pic.jpg

Julie Scribner, Chief Financial Officer

Julie manages all of our back office systems, Vendor Billing and most of our shipping logistics.  Julie also serves as the main point of contact for our largest big box retail relationships.